Professional Counselling

Back2study’s free application support service will maximise your chances of being accepted on to a UK university course. This service is free to all international and EU students.

Our close relations with UK universities allow you to benefit from having your application reviewed prior to submission and to receive your offer faster than applying on your own.


Back2study has a team of expert career advisors who will provide you a free consultation to cover the following :


  1. Options of different study destination around the world 

  2. Benefits of studying in UK

  3. Course selection guidance based on your profile

  4. University selection guidance based on your chosen course

  5. Brief on the application process 

  6. Benefits of applying through Back2study

To book your free counselling session please click here. 


Other  Services


University Application

We give you a list of recommended universities to apply to based on your qualifications and then we will provide you with a review to your application forms, CVs, Cover Letter and then apply to the University on your behalf


Advice on Scholarships

We will inform you of university courses that offer scholarships just for and then we will give you up-to-date information on local and national scholarships available for you to apply to


IELTS and TOEFL Couching

Our experienced english tutors and professionals will assist and train you on the needed skills and knowledge you should have before undertaking your IELTS/TOEFL exams in order to ensure you of having a passing grade. 


Visa Application Assistance & Interview Preparation

Our team will provide you with the requirements and a list of all documents you need to have in order to proceed with you Visa Application. After that we will give you a small workshop training you to ace your visa interview and what questions to except. 


Advice on which Offer to Choose

After receiving different acceptances from different universities, our team will help you filter the outcomes and choose the course that best fits you


Support Throughout the Process

We make sure to support you throughout the way, from the moment you had the first session for us untill you are guranteed an acceptance and receive your student visa. All of this is for FREE.