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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

(Founder & CEO)

Dear Students,

The benefits of studying abroad have been highly underrated to merely getting a degree from overseas which surely does not give a hinge bit of justice to the whole concept. For some it is just education but for many it has been more of a life enduring adventure.

Uni lectures and study is a large part of your time spent but what you will nourish is meeting people from around the world, learning about new cultures, networking with a variety of humans, participating in cross community talks, build relations with global entrepreneurs, make lifelong friends from different backgrounds, have crazy night outs, invite your tutors to join you, travel to different cities, work in a pub, intern with the Fortune 500, hob on to new cuisines everyday, cook for your flatmates, invite your parents to show your new world. 

Living independently abroad helps bring emph to your personality, making you different – a stronger person, builds your distinct identity, you find your own space, look at things with a different perspective. It makes you a confident person, helps you fight with your fears and stand up on your own legs. Imagine a world where you have complete control of your life and no one telling you what to do or judging your behaviour every minute. 

Let’s smash some glasses and make more noise – lets get you all ready for a beautiful journey for you to make your mark across the globe.

We at Back2Study are available to make your student journey as simplified and enjoyable as possible. We strive to overcome as many hurdles as possible that may come your way from assistance in choosing a university to becoming a professional which allows you to focus on your core tasks. We not only help you with university admissions but also assist you in other challenges such as searching for accommodation, facilitating your smooth arrival, connecting with fellow students and employers through inviting you to local networking events and hosting cultural events to keep you connected to the motherland.

Been an international student myself I sense the needs of every student and thrive to make your career as fruitful as possible.

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