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Finishing A Levels

While starting with their A Level journey many students feel confused while choosing their subjects, many a times they are disappointed by the choices they have made which they realise while studying them. It is very important that you as a young aspiring individual make correct choices while choosing your degree course as that will become the backbone of your educational learning and future career. What you specialise in your undergraduate degree, sets a foundation for the rest of your professional life. 

Our Counsellors at Back2study will offer you guidance by giving some insights about highly employable courses and advise you about what career choices could be made based on your preferences. Many times we come across students who have completed their bachelors degree from a field they were passionate about but could not find themselves jobs in the same field, making them work in generic non career focused blue collar jobs spinning their careers in wrong directions. 

We at Back2study help you to pick the right courses, help with UCAS applications and assist you with student finance applications.

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Cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leads etc are home to millions of immigrants who have migrated into the UK from Europe, Asia, Africa etc in the last 10 to 15 years. If you are not born and raised here it's highly likely that you haven't completed your schooling from the UK. Many immigrants face challenges to find professional jobs as their overseas qualifications are usually not recognised by many British Employers due to which they end up working in labour oriented blue collar jobs such as warehouses, retail, hospitality etc. Since they haven't doe their schooling in the UK they are unaware of the university application system, student finance etc.

We at Back2study help them analyse the importance of having British education to progress further in their career and contribute to the growing UKs economy. We help them understand which are highly employable courses that can help them secure desirable professional jobs and finance from the government to fund their education.

Based on your routine, previous qualifications, background, work experience etc our counsellors will suggest you the right course which may have a flexible timetable that will allow you to study and work so it does not break your routine. Whether you are finishing your A levels or a mature student, our counsellors will carefully evaluate your circumstances and suggest the best possible option for you to flourish in the foreign land.

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Mature Students

We at Back2study specialise in helping mature people; people between the age group of 30 to 55 to shape their career through getting the right education and upgrading their skills. We come across many individuals who find themselves in difficult situations with their career due to lack of knowledge and learning. At the mid ages people often do not think of investing time and money in educating themselves with formal education as a result they keep doing odd jobs or remain employed for years.

At Back2study we understand each of our customers' career challenges and suggest suitable life changing options. Most of the individuals at this age group shy away from going to formal university education for the following reasons:

  • They may not be able to blend with the young students at the uni
  • Getting admissions in the university after such a big gap would be challenging
  • They may not be able to cope up with the learnings and exams as they have been out of education for a while
  • Their routine with family and work may not be able to allow them time to attend classes
  • They do not have enough spare savings to fund their education 

Our counsellors at Back2study value the importance of your perspective and based on your preferences suggest the right course  which will have flexible timetable with one of our unique partner institutes which will allow you to study and work so it does not break your routine and on the other hand you will be able to upgrade your skills at the same time.

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