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Free Consultation

Free 1 hour consultation  for students applying to study in a University or College with a university specialist in our office or via Zoom with our London team. This session helps students choose a career and a subject of study and University they are interested in based on their qualifications and expertise


University Application

We give you a list of recommended universities to apply to based on your qualifications and then we will provide you with a review to your application forms, CVs, Cover Letter and then apply to the University on your behalf


Interview and Test Preparation

Our experienced english tutors and professionals will assist and train you on the needed skills and knowledge you should have before undertaking your interview or any exam required by the University in order to ensure you get enrolled. 


Student Finance Application

Our team will provide you with the requirements and a list of all documents you need to have in order to proceed with you Student Finance Application. We have specialists in the team who  will make sure the Student Finance Application is filled in the right way.

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We Assist  You From The Beginning to the End





(Information Source: www.gov.uk/student-finance) You may be able to borrow money to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with living costs (up to 12,000 pounds/year). You might get extra money on top of this, for example if you’re on a low income, are disabled or have children. Before you apply: You start repaying once you earn over a certain amount. The size of your monthly repayments will depend on how much you earn, not what you owe. For Further information please contact one of our counselors to give you the best advise. 


Are You Eligible ?


Whether you qualify for student finance depends on:

  •  Your university or college

  •  Your course

  •  If you’ve studied a higher education course before

  •  Your age

  •  Your nationality or residency status

For more detail please speak to one of our expert career counselors.